Disconnection (Acoustic EP)

by Solar Wanderers



Acoustic EP by Solar Wanderers, featuring 3 acoustic versions of songs from previous releases, as well as 3 new songs.


released March 14, 2014

Malphas - Vocals, Keys
B. - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys



all rights reserved


Solar Wanderers Australia

Depressive Rock/Shoegaze.
Formed in September 2013.
Based in France/Australia.

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Track Name: Calling The Fear
She, the waiter
I never saw her
endless sounds of hate
piercing my head

Pain, forever here
regrets, forever gone
all the noise in my mind
stays away from my life

Calling the fear
of a new existence here
my mind is overwhelmed near
this sense of love going in me

All the things I made up
to reach the strength of a man
never served me down here
far from my soul
Track Name: The Ship
Burdened with doubt, serenity afar
a longing voyage, over restless tides
soaring through disturbed waters, no essence
the crackling of wood, so faded, so dull

A faint reflection below
'neath the sordid vessel
becomes a bleak haze
echoing the inevitable

The rush of gust, a surge of water
breaks down my ship, to crumbling dust
confined by the reef, and sunken below
my grief and doubts the ballast,
a flooded cairn we share
Track Name: A Day Of Spring
Meet the smile of Earth
the birth of a new hope
when we were young
suddenly free of all

Colors of infinity
thoughts of a new destiny
new horizons to drown in me
after a long absence to see
Track Name: Interlude - Home Behind
Track Name: Home Ahead
Over the sea
far from my native land
I wanted to live
an immortal moment

The rays of sun fading
the colors drowning deep
my life once so uncertain
is now falling asleep

Always a dark side
a black tide
a sense of melancholy
Always a hope, far
far away from me
always a future that
no one has seen
Track Name: Beyond The Dark Clouds
The shore of my life
drown into the silence
and colours of nightsky
fade into my weakened eyes

Far away, into the world of my senses
I will get the shining of another sun
for my tears I've left down here
I will never come